Ever experienced clogged drains? If you went through the problem of clogged drain, then you will have an idea about how much inconvenient and unsightly it is. Clogged drain not only cause you time and efforts but money too. It is a real fatigue, to deal with clogged drains, especially in the scenario when you wake up in the morning and went to the toilet or bathroom to take fresh bath and then you realize that the drains are clogged! Such a mood spoiler!

The inconvenience can be removed by taking few steps as precautions. However, many homeowners turn towards the drain cleaners Brisbane for dealing with this mess. But the unfortunate thing is that many of these drain cleaners are corrosive and damaging to the metal element through which your drainpipes are made off. They emit harmful fumes also; this is even worst.


If you don’t want to go through the fatigue of drain clog then it’s better to take few precautions, your 2 mins daily practice will save your money and efforts. Daily flush your drains with boiling water, this will resist the blocking at the first place.

What is drain cleaner?

A consumer based chemical cleaner product that is used to unblock the sewer pipes, is known as drain cleaner. Drain cleaner can be in solid or liquid form, you can readily buy these drain cleaners from hardware stores.

Alkaline drain cleaner

Alkaline drain cleaners are made of sodium hydroxide(lye) or some may contain an average amount of potassium hydroxide. They are available in solid and liquid forms.

The solid form of Alkaline drain cleaner is made of caustic substance such as potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide, aluminum particle and some additives. The additive contains some wetting agents including alky aryl sulfonates; however, the exact nature of these additives is ambiguous for commercial drain unblocking Brisbane.


RCONH2 + OH− → NH3 + RCOO−

RCO2R’+ OH− → R\’OH + RCOO−

Acidic Drain Cleaner

The composition of Acidic drain Cleaner contain Sulfuric acid of high concentration. Acidic Drain cleaner can dissolve proteins, human hairs, fat through acid hydrolysis.  However, there are some potential hazards that are associated with acidic drain cleaner. According to the manufacturer, it reacts violently when mixed with water, secondly the production of explosive hydrogen vapor’s when met metals. The explosive hydrogen vapor is injurious for health if inhaled, ingested or contacted.


(C6H10O5)n+H2SO4 → 6n C + 5n H2O

Homemade drain cleaner

Don’t want to use chemical drain cleaner? Want to avoid unnecessary chemical risks for you family and kids? Don’t worry, every problem has the solution, you can make a drain cleaner at your home by using simple and easily available kitchen things. Here are some very good and working homemade drain cleaners, listed below;

  • Mixture of hot water with baking soda is highly effective for clogged drain and act as wonderful homemade drain cleaner
  • Fizzy drinks; just buy and pour into plug holes they will clean your clogged drains with ease