Opal is a popular choice after the diamond. It is used in the jewellery of all kinds. From rings around the fingers to the bracelets around the wrist, they are seen everywhere. Australian opals are popular for their unique colours and textures. They are highly appreciated for their splendour and look. They are not just bought and sold in Australia but all over the world. The popular types of opal from Australia are as follows:

  1. Andamooka Opal is small in size but comes in some great colours to match any outfit. The treated matrix Opal is a great manifestation of this kind of opal.
  2. Australian Fire Opal comes from the deserts located in the Western part of Australia. The name comes from the fire like appearance. The orange, yellow and red shades make it so unique in appearance. It is very hard to differentiate it from the Mexican fire opal.
  3. Black Opal is one of the most popular options in the opal world. The colours are dark and bright to make it eye catching. The Black opal is not boring or dull but the tone of the stone makes it actually very vibrant and impressive. These opal pendant Adelaide are mined from the mines of Lightning Ridge.
  4. Dark Opal looks dark due to the dark base of the stone. The colours are dark enough to look similar to the black opal. The body tone of these opals range between N5 and N7.
  5. White Fire Opal is known for the white milky appearance. They are beautiful but for some they are not as attractive as the black or the dark opals. The areas of Coober Pedy are rich in the white opal. If you love the pastel colours for your wardrobe then the white opal would go great with such colours.
  6. Boulder Opal is found with the rock known as the ironstone. Queensland is rich in the boulder opal. This opal is found there on a wide area there that spreads over a vast area measuring several thousand kilometres. The bright red appearance of the boulder opal is strikingly appearance. What makes it really impressive is the red ironstone that lies within the boulder opal. The boulder opals are further classified into some amazing subclasses. The popular among these include koroit opal, yowah nuts, matrix, fairy opal, mintabie opal, and the Tintenbar opal.
  7. Fossil opals are the ones that were created close to the inland seas. The sea shells, remains of the huge dinosaurs and the belemnites are then transformed into the opalised creations that are the dream of those who want something unique in their life. They are either clear like a crystal or they have your favourite hues making them really special for every opal lover.

The other popular versions of opals that are widely available as the Australian opal include pink opal, crystal opal, mosaic opal, opal doublet and the opal triplet.