Having a baby is a wild ride in itself. The three trimesters of pregnancy takes a toll on the mother’s mental and physical health as well. These nine months are hard for mom to be for so many reasons. Countless medical problems may arise, and at the end it comes down to whether the baby is having vaginal birth or C-section. After the birth, mother may seem in a rift whether to breastfeed or give toddler milk formula to the baby. Although world health organization strictly advises mother to exclusively breastfeed baby for at least two years. Mother’s breast milk is considered liquid gold for infant. It has all the required nutrients and vitamins that are necessary for mental and physical development of the baby. It is enriched with all the required vitamins that are recommended for infant. Every mother wants the best for her child but some mothers out of medical or health conditions are unable to breastfeed the child.

If a mother is unable to breastfeed her child completely or has to do a combination feed of breast milk and toddle milk formula. The main concern for any mother at this stage is selecting the best available toddler milk formula for her child. The ideal formula milk should contain all the necessary nutrients and vitamins that are essential for wellbeing of the child. There are many infants’ milk formulas available in the market that targets special needs children as well as children with ordinary requirements. A good pediatrician is also able to recommend toddler milk formula that can be beneficial for growth and development of child. According to the world health organization toddler milk formula should have following nutrient in ample amount to supplement proper growth and development of child.

  • Calcium

Calcium is the number requirement of toddler milk formula as it is essential in bone density development. In the later years, a child requires good dose of calcium as he will soon sprout teeth. Calcium is also important for a strong body and bones as it plays role of foundation in coming months.

  • Fat

Breast milk is enriched with healthy fats that provide energy for child to stay active and healthy. Same is the requirement of toddler milk formal, it should have a healthy amount of good fats that will provide energy to the baby. Healthy fats are as important as any other nutrient and vitamin.

  • Vitamin A, Vitamin B

Breast milk is also heavily loaded with vitamin A and vitamin B as it is compulsory for brain development. These vitamins provide the required levels of amino acids that are deemed necessary for brain development in the latter years of life.

Remember the very first priority should always be breast milk as it is the gift of nature to the child as well as mother. Visit this link https://a2nutrition.com.au/products/premium-pregnancy-formula/ for more information on breastfeeding formula,